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CLS-F130HW/ZR1 Chiller

Product Description

The 130kW cooling capacity Air Cooled Modular Chiller from Chigo Air-Conditioning is best suited for office and industrial use. This modular chiller will work optimal in areas with a floor size of up to 740m². Our franchises, agents and dealers are all highly trained professionals and will also be able to assist you with the installation.

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Specifications Summary

  • CLS-F130HW/ZR1
  • 130 kW
  • R410a
Model Number CLS-F130HW/SR1
Capacity Cooling kW 130
Btu/h 37
Capacity Heating kW 140
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380/3/50
Power Supply Manual switch 100 250
Fuse 50 200
Compressor Type Scroll
Brand Copeland
Model ZP144KCE-TFD-522
Quantity 4
Power Input Cooling kW 44
Cooling rated current A 78
Heating kW 43
Heating rated current   A 76
Max. Input consumption kW 56
Max. Current A 102
Refrigerant Type R410a
Refrigerant control EXV+Capillary throttle
Weight                                           Kg 7.5x4
Condenser (Air side) Air side heat exchange              Finned coil pipe type
Fan motor Qty 4
Air flow volume 10³/m³/h 48
Fan motor model YDK550-6S01
Fan motor rated current A 4.2
Fan motor input kW 0.911
Evaporator (Water side) Water side heat-exchanger Shell and tube
Water resistance loss kPa 40
Water inlet/outlet pipe line inside normal diameter mm DN65
Water flow volume m³/h 22.36
Max. Pressure     MPa 1.1/2.75
Water Pipe connection type Flange connection
Dimension                                 Nett (W x H x D) mm 2000 x 2090 x 1700
Packing size (W x H x D) mm 2080 x 2250 x 1740
Weight                                                                   Nett weight Kg 1100
Gross weight Kg 1120
Connection wiring Power wiring mm 25mm 2x3+10mm 2x2
Signal wiring mm (0.5~1) mm 2x2
Control Type Wired controller
Safety protection device Power supply protection (lack of phase, sequence, frequence, voltage).
Chiller water pump overload protection
Chiller water shortage protection
Water outlet temp. protection
Compressor discharge temp. protection
Compressor low pressure protection
Compressor high pressure protection
Sensor malfunction protection
Compressor current input protection
Fin temp. (Ambient temp.) protection
Anti-frozen protection
Sound level (semi-anechoic)     dB(A) 68
Operation water temp. Cooling °C                         7~25
Heating °C 30~55
Ambient temperature Cooling °C 10~48
Heating °C -10~21
Remarks: Specifications are based on the following conditions:
Cooling:  Chilled water inlet/outlet: 12°C/7°C and outdoor ambient of 35°C DB

Heating:  Warm water inlet/outlet: 40°C/45°C and outdoor ambient of 7°C DB/6°CWB

Water side fouling factor: 0.086m 2°C/kW.
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