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Complete Industrial Chained Links

We are in possession of 16 comprehensive factories for supplementary parts and components production, 43 assembly lines of accessories, 4 workshops for general assembly of complete units, and 10 assembly lines for complete units. Overall logistic controls have been realized from the upstream supply of components to the leaving of completely assembled units. The proportion of self-supplied components is well over 90%. The complete industrial chain ensures the higher precision in quality control and process control and the strict compliance with the ISO 9001 international standards.   A declaration to the markets is demonstrated by the way of operational efficiency of scale to the effect that Chigo Air-Conditioners are "most competitive in prices for products of the same category and best in quality for products of the same price".


New trends in International Co-operation

As one of the largest modernized manufacturers in the air conditioner industry in the world. Chigo has successfully carried out all-round international cooperation in business with many conglomerates and giant manufacturers.  It has been eight years since Chigo came into cooperative partnership with Mitsubishi Inc. Chigo principally adopts Mitsubishi compressors for its Air-conditioning units.  Chigo has also entered into a co-operative agreement with Daikin Co. Ltd of Japan in establishing the complete business chain. A  series of international co-operation projects have enabled Chigo to be in a more favourable condition in the seizure of international markets. The overseas markets of Chigo have been doubled and redoubled in size in the past years.


ISO Standard

Chigo undertakes its production processes by following the ISO 9001 standard systems and Chigo products take the leading place in acquiring the certifications by related domestic or international authorities, including the title of products exempted from quality inspections in China, energy-saving products at state level, Grade 1 energy efficiency label of Hong Kong, safety certification of Hong Kong and many other honours or certifications.  The product inspection system based on 220 production processes, the use of world-famous Mitsubishi and Hitachi compressors as well as some other quality assurance measures have ensured the guaranteed quality standards of Chigo Air-conditioning products.


Chigo Company Profile

Established in 1994, Guangdong Chigo Air-conditioning  Co., Ltd is a Modern Professional Air-conditioner Manufacturer with a business line of R & D, as well as Distributing both Residential and Commercial Air-conditioners  around the world.  Chigo's designed annual output are 10 million sets.

In 2013 Chigo South Africa supplied more than 5200 sets to the industry. Leading Inverter Technology by PID intelligent control algorithm.

Chigo South Africa strives to continuously be competitive and to deliver top-class technology to all our customers.

Since its establishment, Chigo Air-conditioning has been dedicated in the development and production of Air-conditioners and the products include the various sizes of household Air-conditioners and Central Air.
Chigo Air-conditioning upholds the business principle of “quality is the basis of enterprise’s existence, science and technology is the guaranty of enterprise’s benefits and the brands are the power of enterprise’s development ”, emphasizes the science and innovation, and is honoured the title of “National High-Tech Industry Demonstration Enterprise ”. After making efforts in many years, the Company has accomplished lot of research results and owned many core technologies. Up to now, Chigo Air-Conditioner has passed over 200 global authoritative certifications.

For many years, the brand Chigo has gained good reputations at home and abroad such as “The New Selection of Households in the World”, “Chigo Creates the Products with the World-Class Quality” as well as the favourable appraisal from customers. It was given titles such as China Famous Brand, Chinese Famous Trademark, etc. The service networks are distributed all over the world and it is the most reliable brand in the air conditioner industry.

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Chigo Company Profile

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