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Green Air Purifier 70m²

Product Description

The Green Air Purifier is a super strong air purification and filtration system that is best suited for Home and Office use. This Air purifier will work optimal in rooms and areas with a floor size of up to 70m². Our franchises, agents and dealers are all highly trained professionals and will also be able to assist you with any requests.

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Specifications Summary

  • Model: WMAP580
  • Dimensions: 430 x 220 x 660
  • Motor:  DC Motor
  • Power: 65W
Type of Unit Air Purifier
Model   WMAP580
CADR   580m³/h
Effective Area   70m²
Power   65W
Motor   DC Motor
Noise   Up to 68dB
Fan Speed   3 Levels
Net weight   7.8kg
Product Size W x D x H 430 x 220 x 660mm
Package W x D x H 500 x 300 x 745mm
Filter Specification
Type Size Weight
Hepa 428 x 318 x 46mm 424g
Carbon 428 x 318 x 46mm 424g
  • Dust Sensor / Air Sensor
  • Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, Active carbon filter
  • Lonizer Technology
  • Smart sensors for night mode
  • Touch Panel
  • Silent Mode
  • 0-8 hour Timing
  • Visible air Quality indicator by colour
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Children safety lock
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